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Confectioners in Budapest

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Budapest is not in need of confectioner's. We can get into a number of patinated, and well-known cafeterias and confectioner's in the city. Such places can be found both in the centre and the outer districts. As Hungarians themselves love sweets, confectioner's are open till late at night. The most famous confectoner's in Budapest known all around the world are:

Gerbeaud: On Vörösmarty Square, in the heart of Budapest the legendary "Gerbeaud" is entitled to boast of the fact that it is one of the biggest, richest in tradition, and most famous confectioner's of Europe. It was established by Henrik Kugler in 1858, the next owner, Emil Gerbeaud has already made it famous by the turn of the century. Emil Gerbeaud is an exceptionally talented confectioner and chocolate factory owner, the descendant of a pastry manufacturer family, from Geneva. The Hugarian confectioner industry became known all over Europe through Gerbeaud, it was thanks to him that the confectioner's became world-famous. The most popular specialities of Gerbeaud are Dobos- and Eszterházy cakes, Kugler mignon, or Gerbeaud cake as well as light, yoghurt and fruity sweets found on the shelves of cooler glass-clases. The bonbon corner, amazing both for eyes and mouth, further increases the atmosphere. In the summer the rich cakesupply is completed with home-made ice cream, of Gerbeaud. In the saloons of Gerbeaud café app. 330 guests can enjoy the classic cafeteria atmosphere, and in the summer an additional 300 people can spend their time on the terrace. Since 1998 the café has been awaiting the lovers of old-fashioned confectioner's, with a younger look but sheding an old, patinated atmosphere.

Hauer: Rezső Hauer, founder of the Hauer confectioner dinasty, was born in Esztergom, in 1865. His father was chef of the prince primate's kitchen. At the age of 31, he purchased the confectioner's in Rákóczi Street, and soon he became one of the greatest confectioners in the country. Year after year the confectoner's grew; the pupils of the academy of dramatic art, and the citizens of pest came here to have a coffee or an ice cream. The place soon became the regular haunt of famous artists and politicians. As for the supply, after the First World War the bonbon and chocolate production started; Hauer's parfait, cream cake, home made bottled fruit, and Christmas fondant were popular products. The Second World War and the nationalization following it put unfortunately put an end to the prosperous period of Hauer. The future of the confectioner's was doubtful for a long time, but much to the delight of many people it reopened its gates in October 2002. Nowadays the supply of Hauer confectioner's contains such curiosities and unique cakes as HAUER cream bun, HAUER cake, Bródy cake, Caramel cake with orange, Forest fruit cake, and numerous surprise sweets of the particular day. | Contact us

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