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Changing Money in Budapest

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The official currency in Hungary is the Hungarian Forint (HUF). Its exchange rate to the other currencies is fluctuating on a daily basis. The National Bank of Hungary has allowed only a certain percentage drop or rise from the median, so if the currency seems to go out of these boundaries, the Central Bank intervenes by either purchasing or selling Forints. This is important in order to provide a stability for the currency.

Tourists and locals use the numerous money exchange offices in Budapest to exchange their EUROS, Dollars or Yens for Forints. These money exchange offices are everywhere from airports to train stations, pedestrian zones, shopping centers, etc. They are growing in number as more and more locals get their income in a foreign currency. The exchange rates vary only minimally, but the airport, the hotels and the beginning of the pedestrian zones often offer 10-15% less Forints for your money.

Another possibility is a retail bank in Budapest, but you'll have to accept a lower exchange rate and perhaps wait in the line, and more administration. Exchanging money on the street near the train stations was once "popular" in Budapest, but it had almost disappeared from the streets nowadays. | Contact us

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