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Gellert Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool

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Building of the Bath: One of the symbols of Budapest, the Gellert Thermal Bath and Swimming Pool has been built in secession style. It is located at the Buda-side foot of the Liberty-bridge (Szabadság híd), in the immediate neighborhood of the Saint Gellert square, at Kelenhegyi street 4-6. The truly magnificent building is ornamented by both eastern and western elements. Entering the hall, we find beautiful marble columns. After purchasing our entrance ticket, we can go immediately to the changing rooms. The way to the changing rooms is sort of a mysterious labyrinth, but smiling cabin-personnel are awaiting us at the end, making us forget our fears. After changing into our swimsuits and putting on our slippers, let's take a look first at the jewel of the Gellert Bath, the two-story bath chamber with glass ceiling and loggia, ca. 700 m² in size. The original parts of the bath - colorful mosaics, columns, statues, vases and spouts - are all master pieces of art, but the place as a whole does not give the notion of a unified style. Opposite the swimming pool we find a thermal bath, and from the two ends we can reach further parts of the building. One end opens into the wonderful Turkish-style separated men/women baths with its own decorations. From the other end, by walking the stairs, we can reach the buffets and the sun terraces, also separated by gender. The outdoor swimming pool here with wave and bubbling bath, surrounded by the villas of the Gellert Hill, is a unique Budapest experience found right in the heart of the city center, minutes away from the famous Vaci street. The Gellert Bath is one of the oldest baths of Budapest. Its elegance and monumental size offer a truly splendid site, a must see while in Budapest. Its popularity is further enhanced by the fact that the guests of Hotel Gellert can use the facilities free of charge, even though the building belongs to the Budapest Bath Directory, and not to the management of the hotel.

History of the Gellert Thermal Bath: The Gellert thermal bath has the largest reserve of thermal water in the city and the source was mentioned first in 1433. Its water was known for its magical healing quality. Evlia Celebi, Turkish traveller has written the following: "one must stay in the water until the body becomes red, then go out quickly and keep the body warm." During the middle ages, a hospital functioned at the foot of the Gellert Hill, then a Turkish bath was built in its place, where a steam bath functioned in a large cave-like area. The bath had several names during the ages. The Turks called it Purgatorium, while the water was much warmer than that of contemporary baths on the Buda side. In the 17th century, it was named .mud-bath., while the fine mud coming out with the thermal water had settled to the bottom of the bath. The world famous Gellert Bath and Hotel opened its doors to the public in 1918. In 1927, the wave bath was added and in 1934, the jacuzzi. During the renovations of the recent years, the sitting bath in the pool, the outdoor pool and the children's pool have been renovated. Nowadays, numerous healing services are available in the Gellert Bath.

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