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The Budapest Amusement Park (Budapesti Vidámpark) was formed more than half a century ago with the unification of the temporary amusement park (Vurstli) and the so-called English Park (Angol Park). It has been functioning in its current form since 1950, although its history stretches back much further all the way to the 1800's and the beginning of the 1900's.

The park currently operates on a 6.5-hectare plot of land and it features 40 different rides and games, 5 of which are considered historical monuments. English and German language maps and guides are available at the entrance of this spinning, turning, singsong labyrinth. In the past few years, park executives have initiated several improvements with the primary goal of increasing the number of available rides. The looping roller coaster from Scotland, Looping Star, is one of the most popular such enhancement. But there are also other favorites, such as the interactive goal-scoring game Goal King (Gólkirály), and Laser Dodgem (Lézerdodgem), which is one of the world's largest and Europe's only such attraction.

Along with its modern attractions, Vidámpark is also home to several historic rides. Much work goes into the reconstruction and protection of such equipment. Of special significance is the European Nostra-prize winning marry-go-round (1906) or the wooden-framed, 1 km long roller coaster (1922). But we might also note the cave-train (barlangvasút), the background wall of the shooting-gallery (céllövölde), the fairy-tale boat (mesecsónak), and dodgem - all originating from the first few decades of the 20th century. In the near future, park owners want to make the area greener, restore the former lake, and install cobblestone paths in reminiscence of Angol Park.

One million people visit the park each year, many of whom come during the numerous annual festivals and events. Children under 10 can enjoy the mini-park (kis Vidámpark) or the Children's Garden (Gyermekkert). Entry is free but, as with the rest of the park, you need to buy tickets for the rides

Vidámpark is located in Budapest's XIV. district in City Park (Városliget) on Állatkerti körút 14-16 (Zoo Boulevard 14-16). It is easily accessible via mass transit by taking the millennium underground (M1), trolley buses 72, 75, and 79, or buses 4, 20, and 30. | Contact us

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