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Airline Companies at Ferihegy

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Ferihegy, the international airport of Budapest can be found 16 km from the city in southeastern direction. Ferihegy Airport is the biggest and at the same time most well known of the five international airports in Hungary. Currently the airport consisits of four terminals: Ferihegy 1, Ferihegy 2A, Ferihegy 2B, as well as GAT, which is the terminal for small and private planes. Numerous international flights depart from from Ferihegy to most cities in the world, mainly inside Europe, however we can also travel to Asia, North-America and the Middle East from here.

A considerable part of the airport's passenger traffic is settled by Malév (Malév Hungarian Airlines), however other foreign airline companies are also present with their flights. Apart from Malév fairly significant passenger traffic is settled by Lufthansa, Easy Jet, Wizzair, Sky Europe, British Airways, Air Berlin, Germanwings, Travel Service, Air France and Alitalia. As the most frequently visited destinations the following cities can be mentioned: Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Tel Aviv and Zurich.

The number and passenger traffic of low cost airline companies, as often referred to by most people, is growing year by year. These low cost companies have been running their planes from Ferihegy 1 since 2005, additionally this terminal is used by freight traffic as well. Presently this terminal serves the passengers of Easy Jet, Germanwings, Norwegian Air, SkyEurope, Sterling, Jet2 and Wizz Air. Out of these the biggest passenger traffic is settled by Wizzair, Easy Jet and Sky Europe, for instance Wizzair counts with more than 700 000 passengers on its Hungarian flights.

Terminal 2A is mainly for Malév planes. Malév is the national airline company of the Hungarian Republic, which transports passengers to 65 cities of the world with its 29 planes. By Malév flights we can get as far as London, Paris, Venice, New York just as Bangkok or Damascus. From terminal 2A passengers can travel to Dublin by Aer Lingus, to Temesvár and Kolozsvár by Carpatair, and to Prague by CSA Czech Airlines.

Terminal 2B is the base of foreign airline companies in Budapest. Out of the companies present here Lufthansa, the greatest German airline company, transports the most passengers to such German cities as Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich. British Airlines, which settles the second biggest passenger traffic on terminal 2B, transports passengers between Heathrow Airport in London and Budapest. From this terminal we can utilize the services of Air Europa (Madrid), Air Berlin (Hannover, Nurnberg), Delta Air Lines (New York), Austrian Airlines (Vienna), or EgyptAir (Kayro).

In the near future more low cost airline companies will take up their duties in Hungary on Ferihegy International Airport. The Irish low cost company Ryanair, which is the biggest discount airline company of Europe, started its first flight in the near past from Budapest and will transport passengers to Brema and Bristol as well. More companies that just as Ryanair count as recruits on Ferihegy have taken up their duties in Budapest. Those wishing to fly can travel to Barcelona by the Spanish Clickair, or to Amman by the airline company Royal Jordan. | Contact us

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