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Hotel rooms for the handicapped

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We tried to collect some useful information for handicapped tourists about Budapest hotels. Unfortunately, not every hotel follows guidelines, and many times hotels that advertise themselves as "handicap-friendly" are in fact quite difficult to navigate by wheelchair. It is quite common that while the rooms and the elevators are well equipped, a few steps at the hotel entrance might still complicate the handicapped guest's stay.

  • Hotel Alfa Art - 2 rooms (double). The entire building is suitable (ramps, elevators, etc.)
  • Club Hotel Ambra - Entrance and the elevators are accessible. The rooms have bathtubs, but not specifically designed for this purpose.
  • Hotel Andrássy - There is a special restroom in the hall to accommodate handicapped people. No special rooms however.
  • Hotel Anna - 1 room for 2 people - restroom, shower and the room is easily accessible.
  • Hotel Aquarius - 1 room for 2 people - on the ground floor, tailored to EU recommendations.
  • Hotel Aquincum - 4 rooms (doubles) - Designed for handicapped guests, the restroom and bathtub are accessible. The rooms are on the first floor, close to the elevator.
  • Art'otel - 1 room for 2 people - No doorsill, the room is accessible and appropriately designed.
  • Hotel Baross - No specific room for this purpose, but the doors and the elevators are accessible.
  • Hotel Béke Radisson - 1 room for 2 people. Same size as the other rooms, but the doors and the restroom are specially designed. The entire hotel is accessible.
  • Hotel Benczúr - The entire hotel is accessible, although no special rooms exist. Upon request, they provide a larger room and remove the bathroom door.
  • Hotel Benta - The hotel is accessible, but no special rooms.
  • Hotel Budapest - The hotel and the room is accessible, but the bathroom is not.
  • Hotel Burg - Not suitable.
  • Hotel Carlton - Not suitable.
  • Hotel CEU Residence - 3 rooms (double). The bathroom, and the switches are designed for handicapped accessibility. The building and the elevators also follow regulations.
  • Hotel Charles - Not suitable.
  • Hotel Császár - 1 room, 3 people. The room is on the ground floor, there is a ramp at the entrance. The bathroom is accessible.
  • Hotel City Inn - The hotel is accessible, but the rooms are not.
  • Hotel Dunapart - Not suitable.
  • Hotel Ében - 1 room, 2 people. On the first floor, accessible room specially designed for wheelchairs. Spare bed available.
  • Hotel Erzsébet - Not suitable.
  • Hotel Flamenco - 2 rooms (singles). A special bathroom in the hall. The entire hotel is accessible.
  • Hotel Fortuna Boat - Not suitable.
  • Hotel Gellért - No special rooms. The Superior rooms can accommodate wheel chairs, but the doubles cannot. The hotel is accessible.
  • Hotel Golden Park - 1 room, 2 people. Specially designed room with lots of space.
  • Grand Hotel Margitsziget - 5 rooms (doubles). Special rooms, all doubles. The hotel is accessible and has ramps, handrails, etc.
  • Thermal Hotel Helia - 5 rooms, single. Single rooms (not with Danube view) that can be combined with double rooms. Everything is according to regulations.
  • Hotel Holiday Inn - 1 room, single. Can be combined with another room. The hotel is built according to regulations.
  • Grand Hotel Hungária - No special rooms, but the hotel is accessible (albeit a bit difficult).
  • Hotel Inter-Continental - 2 rooms, singles. On the road front, but they are completely according to regulations.
  • Hotel Kalvin Ház - Elevator is available, the rooms are large enough, but there is doorsill, so it is not the most ideal in this regard.
  • Corvinus Hotel Kempinski - 3 rooms, doubles. Accessible hotel and the rooms are suitable (on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th storeys).
  • Leó Panzió - No specially designed rooms, but there is enough space.
  • Hotel Liget - Not suitable. Wheelchair will not fit in the door.
  • Thermal Hotel Margitsziget - 4 rooms, doubles. Specially designed double rooms. The hotel has ramps, handrails, etc.
  • City Hotel Mátyás - Not suitable. Not recommended for those who have difficulty moving about, since the building is not designed with this in mind. Additionally, it is a historical monument so it cannot be refitted for these needs.
  • Hotel Mediterrán - No special rooms, they usually give a larger room.
  • Hotel Normafa - No special rooms, the doors are too small.
  • Hotel Papillon - 1 room, double. The room is not specially designed, but it is wheelchair accessible.
  • Hotel Queenmary - 1 room, double. No special room, but the ground floor rooms have been used by handicapped and they have all been satisfied.
  • Hotel Ramada - 4 rooms, double. These are superior rooms, and satisfy all regulations. They must be reserved in advance, since they are rented to others as well. The building is wheelchair accessible.
  • Hotel Rubin - No special room, but there is one room which is wheelchair accessible.
  • Hotel Parlament - 2 rooms, doubles. Specially designed including the bathroom and handrails. The entire hotel is wheelchair accessible.
  • City Hotel Pilvax - Stairs lead to the rooms and there is no elevator.
  • City Hotel Ring - Stairs lead to the rooms and there is no elevator.
  • Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal - 3 rooms, doubles. Junior suites. Completely accessible, queen-sized beds. Spare beds available. Can be reserved at superior price. 2 bathrooms, one "normal" and one that is specially designed.
  • Hotel Stadion - 2 rooms, doubles. Accessible rooms with special showers. The rooms have one double bed and a spare bed.
  • Hotel Szőnyi - 1 room, double. Restroom is specially designed, there is enough space to move about with a wheelchair. However there are doorsills and the room is a bit difficult to access.
  • Hotel Unio - No special rooms, but there is a room without doorsills. The hotel is wheelchair accessible.
  • Victor Apartment - The hotel is not wheelchair accessible.

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