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Hotels that allow pets

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Not every hotel allows pets. As such, selecting the appropriate hotel can be a bit of a headache for guests traveling with their favorites. Most hotels do not allow dogs or cats to stay, some charge a separate fee and/or restrict pet size, and yet others allow pets to stay for free. We tried to collect this information to aid your selection if you require such accommodations.

  • Hotel Alfa Art - 10 EURO/pet/night.
  • Club Hotel Ambra - 25 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Anna - 15 EURO/pet/night, small pets only.
  • Hotel Aquarius - 5 EURO/pet/night, small pets only.
  • Hotel Corinthia Aquincum - 10 EURO/pet/night.
  • Art'otel - 20 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Astoria - 45 EURO/pet/night, up to medium size.
  • Hotel Astra - 20 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Bara - 10 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Benczur - 20 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Carlton - free, but small pets only.
  • Hotel Császár - 15 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Flamenco - small 20 EURO, large 30 EURO.
  • Hotel Gellért - free.
  • Grand Hotel Margitsziget - 20 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Kálvin Ház - 20 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Kempinski - 30 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Korda Villa - 5 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Mediterrán - 14 EURO/pet/night, small pets only.
  • Hotel Papillon - free.
  • Hotel Ramada - 15 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Rubin - 15 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Parlament - 30 EURO/pet/night, small pets only.
  • Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal - 40 EURO/pet/night, small pets only.
  • Hotel Stadion - 30 EURO/pet/night.
  • Hotel Touring - 5 EURO/pet/night.

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