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Winter is relatively mild, with temperatures sometimes below 0 degrees. Tourist sights, however, are often closed and there is not much to visit in these bleak days. New year's eve is an exception. Street parades, live concerts and in-house parties are the places where Hungarian celebrate the coming of the new year.

Spring is glorious in Hungary. March can be a little windy but April is sure to offer some warm sunshine. This is the time of the Budapest Spring Festival, a two-week long cultural and musical event.

The summer in Hungary is warm and long, and tourists are pouring into the country. In addition to the sights of Budapest, most of the tourists take some time to visit the countryside and catch a glance of the traditional Hungarian lifestyle in the Puszta, or amaze themselves with the work of artisan in historical towns like Eger or Sopron.

The autumn is beautiful, nice hikes can be taken in the hills around Budapest. Museums are still open and with the passing of the summer heat, longer walks can be enjoyed during the day in the downtown area. November usually turns rainy but it is counterbalanced by the hype caused by the approaching of the Christmas holidays. | Contact us

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