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Hungary has a very extensive public transportation system, especially in Budapest. Buses run from half past four in the morning until about 11 at night. Night buses run on the most frequented lines from 11 until 4 in the morning, so it is always possible to either go home at night or to substantially reduce taxi costs by taking public some part of the way.

Never forget to purchase and validate a ticket because ticket controllers are plenty and can spot you as a foreigner from quite a distance. Tickets can be purchased at newspaper stands and special ticket offices at Metro stations. If you intend to take a bus at night, make sure you purchase a ticket during the day as it can be difficult to get one at night, though the driver is supposed to be able to supply you with one. There are ticket-machines in major tram stops as well, but they can be out of order and it is rather difficult to explain this to the controllers.

It is possible to get weekly and monthly passes, which are quite a bargain. For about $10 you can get a monthly pass for the Budapest area and never have to worry again. | Contact us

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