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Like in every country, pay attention to pick-pockets, especially in crowded shopping centers and the underground area. Don't forget that they'll spot you as a tourist from a distance and approach you thinking that you'll be an easy prey. Always hold your bag and valuables close to you. These second class thieves will never use aggression to get hold of anything, so if they see that you are cautious, they'll leave you alone.

If you are having a meal at a restaurant, always ask for the price if it is not indicated on the menu card. Never change your foreign cash on the street because these guys are not making a living from the usual 2% commission. If you are taking a taxi, try to avoid private taxis without a company name indicated on the side of the car. If the taxi driver proposes to transport you "without a bill", don't forget to agree on the amount prior to the service. This can avoid you a lot of trouble.

If you are taking public transport, make sure you validate your ticket every time. Ticket controlers are plenty and they "love" tourists as they see them as a source of easy cash. You can rarely get away by saying that you had no idea where to validate your ticket. | Contact us

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