Hoteles en Szombathely
By now, the restaurant and hotel of Uncle Józsi is a well known term for those searching for hotels, or accommodations in Szombathely and guests, visitors and travellers. With its 15 large rooms and accommodation for 35, the high standard 3 star hotel is situated at the edge of Szombathely, a site… Ver más
Hotel Claudius**** awaits its guests in Szombathely, which was established by the Romans 2000 years ago. Our hotel is situated on the most wondeful greenbelt of the city with a great view of the Boating Lake. The building, renovated in 2004, is surrounded by a lot of entertainment facilities, s… Ver más
El Parque Hotel Pelikán**** espera a los visitantes en el corazón de Szombathely, cerca del centro de la cuidad y de las atracciones históricas, al frente del Parque Pelikán, con 43 cuartos amplios, además con el restaurante más elegante de la cuidad; el Villa Pelikán. Los cuartos - 6 de una cama… Ver más