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Café Cathedral

City: Budapest
Address: H-1051 Budapest, Szent István tér 3.

Cafe and Restaurant

Our guests can enjoy free wireless access in a relaxed environment next to the Basilica, while trying our home made sweets, sandwiches, real Italian espresso, cappuccino and breakfast. Come and have a two course lunch on week- days from noon to 3PM. Gourmand chef, Papics Roland offers an exciting, seasonal, light French menu.


Gelarto ice cream is made exclusively with natural ingredients, without any artificial additives or preservatives. The recipes have remained unchanged for 30 years and are, of course, from Italy. With the knowledge and experience gathered there, we have created new flavours, e.g. pumpkin, rhubarb, Williams pear, elderberry, ginger... We purchase the ingredients after selecting them carefully, so that everything we use is top quality.

The milk powder comes from Ireland, the cocoa from Holland, the chocolate from Costa Rica...the fruit flavours are made with fresh, home-grown fruit.

We do not offer cones with round balls of ice cream! Instead, we shape the ice cream into "roses" with the help of a little scoop. Apart from looking good, this technique also protects the quality of the ice cream.

Give in to temptation!

Niki Szökrön, ice cream maestro | Budapest restaurants |

Tel.: +36 1 900 9071
Fax: +36 1 900 9079

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