Zöldház Bio Panzió – Gyenesdiás
Zöldház Bio Panzió
Kossuth u.16.
8315 Gyenesdiás

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Gyenesdiás is a village following Keszthely on the north-west shore of the lake. In spite of the fact that the building is located along highway 71, so it is easy to reach, the proximity of the highway is unnoticable and the plot is avoided by any noise.

The building is subdivided into three units. In the first part is the 30-seat restaurant complemented by a terrace for 30 people, which is very pleasant on sunny days. Warm breakfast buffet and freshly prepared dishes in a family-like environment. The house can accommodate 48 people in total. And despite the closeness of the highway it allows a quiet location to rest. The total of 14 housing units (rooms) have different properties, so we can meet the diverse needs.

The hall around the 10 person sauna is suitable for gymnastics, yoga exercises and also for any other community events.
• restaurante
• jardín • masaje • parque infantil • piscina exterior • sauna • tumbonas
• El precio de la habitación incluye desayuno.
Posibilidades de aparcamiento:
• Aparcamiento propio del hotel gratuito para los clientes.
• Aparcamiento para autobuses disponible en el hotel.