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Tourist information, pictures, and hotels for Szombathely, Hungary

Show picture Szombathely is the capital of Vas County, one of the most important settlements of the Trans-Danube region. The city was founded in 43 A.D., vitalised by the commercial and cultural activity of the Romans. The original Roman name of Szombathely was Savaria.

The name 'Szombathely' is composed of 2 words: Szombat (Saturday) and hely (place). It refers to the fact that a market was held in the city every Saturday and many people came from the neighboring settlements. The most important sight of the city are the baroque buildings encompassed by the Mindszenty square and Szili János street, and there are numerous other interesting places in town.

During the past years, several festivals, carnevals, summer universities and international events were held here, drawing attention to Szombathely and the region itself.

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City/region attractions:

* hills and forests * historic buildings * museums * parks * theaters

Hotel Claudius

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Hotel Claudius Szombathely offers cozy, high-quality accommodation for families and business guests alike.
Hotel Claudius
Park Hotel Pelikán

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Hotel Pelikan**** is located in the heart of Szombathely, close to the city center and the tourist sights, across the Pelikan Park. It has 43 spacious rooms and the most elegant restaurant of the city, the Villa Pelikan.
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