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Tourist information, pictures, and hotels for Szolnok, Hungary

Show picture Szolnok is the capital of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county and is the meeting point of the Tisza and Zagyva rivers. It is the waterway, road, and railroad junction of Alföld, and as such it has become the region's commercial, cultural, tourist, and educational center. The city's name began appearing around 1030 when King Stephen made it the capital of Szolnok county. The castle on the hill carries Lord Zounok's name and it was fortified in the middle of the XVI. century to prepare for the Turkish invasion. Although the resistance was unsuccessful, it was during these times that the country's oldest bridge was constructed and the city became the center of salt transport.

Szolnok was home to a great deal of historical damage and thus has only a few remaining old monuments. Yet visitors will still find a number of beautiful buildings and squares. Verseghy park's statues and fountains (next to the Tisza-boardwalk) is a popular walkway for all ages. The beautifully renovated Szigliget Theatre (Szigligeti Színház) houses many of the country's best actors and actresses.

One will find the prestigious Tisza Hotel and Health Spa in the center of the large, Versailles-style park on the Tisza bank. In addition to the hotel, the Tiszaliget waterpark and beach and the nearby water-polo center, Damjanich Pool (Damjanich uszoda) await all of those who wish to drain their stress. Next to the hotel, we can see the hometown hero's, Ferenc Verseghy's bronze portrait in addition to the evangelical, reformed, and catholic churches.

Szolnok has a colorful cultural atmosphere. Housed in the former synagogue, the Szolnok Gallery is home to the fine- and applied arts, while the 1902 artist settlement (művésztelep) and the Damjanich Museum all serve to further the city's cultural fame. The town also has a lively musical, choral, and folk-dance movement. The Damjanich monument (Damjanich emlékmu), the Castle Church (Vártemplom), the Aviation Museum (Repülo Múzeum), and the Regional House Museum (Tájház Múzeum) are all notable sites. We might also note that the city hosts the largest protected swallow population under the balconies of its city center buildings.

For those with an active lifestyle, we can recommend Tiszaliget's massive tree-lined sporting facilities. But Szolnok, the city of water, is not only ideal for swimming, boating tours, kayaking and canoeing, and fishing, but it is also a superb destination for hunting, flying, or horseback riding.

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Hotel Hozam

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Hozam Hotel the first four-star hotel in Szolnok opened in 1999. The Hotel is located in a shady, quiet street near the city centre. We have four apartements, four single-rooms and three double-rooms. All of the rooms are air-conditioned.
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