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Tourist information, pictures, and hotels for Székesfehérvár, Hungary

Show picture Székesfehérvár deserves the name "city of kings" (királyok városa): in the middle ages it became the center of royalty and the location for crowning and burying Hungarian kings. Hungarian leader Géza founded the city in 972, but it attained its religious and worldly significance during Saint Stephen's (Szent István) reign. Many buildings were destroyed during the Turkish offensive, but the city emerged with a renewed golden age during the 18th century. Székesfehérvár's city center has preserved the baroque atmosphere of this era.

The city's rich history means there are plenty of historical sites to visit. Remains of Saint Stephen's basilica and royal burial grounds of the Árpád-era can be seen in the so-called "ruins-garden" (romkert). The cathedral (püspöki székesegyház), the library of the bishop's palace (püspöki palota könyvtár) with its collection of rare books, and the gothic Saint Anna Chapel (Szent Anna kápolna), the city's only unaltered building from the middle ages, are all worth a visit. The Floral Clock (Virágóra), Doll Museum (Babamuseum), and King Saint Stephen Museum (Szent István Király Múzeum), with one of the largest collections in Hungary, are also quite popular.

Besides the numerous sites, the city offers a colorful array of cultural events and festivals, and an abundance of sports venues for those with an active lifestyle: Ice Rink (Jégcsarnok), City Pool (Városi Uszoda), Alba Regia Sports Center (Alba Regia Sportcentrum), and the Bregyóköz Events Center (Bregyóközi Szabadidoközpont).

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City/region attractions:

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Novotel Székesfehérvár

Category: * * *
The hotel is located on the edge of the historical city centre, 300m from the baroque main street, from where the city's main attractions and museums are easily reached via a short walk. The city swimming pool and Alba Plaza shopping centre are right next to the hotel.
Novotel Székesfehérvár
Hotel Magyar Király

Category: * * * *
Our Hotel can be found in the historical downtown at the beginning of the pedestrian precinct. It takes only a 5 minutes walk to get to the indoor sport swimming-pool of the city.
Hotel Magyar Király
Hotel Platán

Category: * * *
The three star Hotel Platán was opened in May 2006. The new, 24 room hotel is waiting for its kind guests with high level services and facilities in the green area of Fehérvár city.
Hotel Platán | Contact us

Tel.: +36 1 900 9071
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