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Tourist information, pictures, and hotels for Gyula, Hungary

Show picture Gyula is one of Southeastern Hungary's most significant cultural centers with its vibrant tourism and rich collection of historical treasures and sites. Its nice climate and cool, shady parks are ideal for leisure.

The town was already mentioned by the name of Gyula in 1332, although there are many different explanations as to the origins of this name. One of these states that the city was named after a lord by the same name, another claims that Gyula was a military leader for one of the first Hungarian tribes in the area. Either way, the city emerged as the region's center by the 14th century when the powerful János Maróti from Macsó built a castle here. Gyula reached its prime during the Middle Ages in the period of King Matthias' (Mátyás) reign and in the first part of the 16th century, when control was returned to the king and his son, János Corvin made Gyula the capital of the county.

One of the city's main attractions is the healing water of Castle Bath (Várfürdő) located in the nature preserve garden of Almásy Castle (Almásy Kastély). Right next to it is the equally notable 15th century brick castle, which has the country's best-preserved gothic living quarters and chapel. There is also a museum in Gyula castle, where the tours and programs transport you back into the castle's middle age history and into everyday life during the renaissance era. Since 1964, due to its excellent acoustics, the castle's courtyard has been used as an open-air "castle theatre" (Gyulai Várszínház) in the summer.

The country's second oldest sweets shop (in the one-storey, zopf-style house on the corner of Erkel Square) is one of the most popular locations in Gyula. The Hundred Year-old Confectionery (Százéves Cukrászda) has been in business since 1840. An exhibition of 19th and 20th century small-town elite life can be found in the neighboring Ladics house. Other notable sites include Ferenc Erkel's birthplace (now a museum), the eastern-christian church with its famous iconostasis, Kohán Gallery (Kohán Képtár), the Franciscan Garden of Ruins (Ferences romkert), the castle's bastion, the city's other beautiful churches and historical sites.

In addition to all of these architectural sites we should not forget about the gastronomical wonder that has made Gyula so famous. Sausage from Gyula (Gyulai kolbász) was seasoned to perfection by local butchers and has since become the city's trademark.

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City/region attractions:

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Hungest Hotel Erkel

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Hungest Hotel Erkel
Hotel Corvin

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Hotel Corvin is situated in the historical city centre of Gyula. It offers 22 rooms and 4 apartments for the guests. Closed parking places are available in the garden.
Hotel Corvin
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