Hotels in Balatonfüred
This holiday house offers you 2-3-4 bedded rooms with bathroom equipped with televsion in the centre of the upper part of the city of Balatonfüred. We have private parking places in the yard, you can girll and play table tennis in the garden. We offer breakfast in the restaurant suitable for 30 pe… See More
Alba Villa Apartment Hotel is a non-smoking hotel. Alba Villa is located on the northern side of Lake Balaton in the resort Balatonfüred, which is the best known historical bathing town of the lake and has favourable climate by its geographical position. Alba Villa and Deak Pince Restaurant wai… See More
The Flamingó Wellness Hotel **** is located in Balatonfüred, the chief city on the north shore of Lake Balaton. The town was already known as a bathing resort in the 1700s among those longing to relax, bathe and recuperate. In fitting confirmation of this, our Hotel welcomes visitors seeking qu… See More
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