Csátó Vendégház – Tihany
Csátó Vendégház
Petőfi Sándor utca 6.
8237 Tihany

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Apartment: We await our kind guests in the historical ancient village of Tihany in romantic and evocative cottages. There is a fine view from over the abbey of Tihany to the tip of the Hungarian sea. The apartments are completely separated, furthermore each one has its own entrance. The apartments equipped with every comfort, cable TV and with gas central heating provide relaxation to the guests both in the winter and summer-period. The houses built of natural materials reflect the folk-architecture style of the region. The reception area resembles a village museum, the three cottages in the yard look like a "skansen". The several hundred years old, half a meter thick stone walls and the 30 centimetres -thick thatched roof guarantees an excellent climate for the apartments. At the outdoor grill our guests can make use of their gastronomic skills. The table and benches in the garden are a perfect place to eat the food you have made.

1. apartment (groundfloor): It reflects the internal layout of a traditional cottage. A big room equipped with four beds (two are next to each other and two are separate) and with period furniture. The old wooden ceiling and the wooden floor are jewels of the house. The kitchen and the dining area are fully equipped. (oven, refrigerator, microwave cooker, coffee machine, etc.) There is a bathing tub, two wash-basins and a toilet in the bathroom.

2. apartment (first floor): There are four beds, a fully equipped kitchen (oven, refrigerator, microwave cooker, coffee machine, etc.), a dining room and a bath room with a bathing tub and a toilet.

3. apartment (groundfloor): The veranda with its bench by the entrance is an ideal spot to sit down and enjoy the cool night-breeze. Entering the apartment you find yourself in front of the furnace, which we are really proud of. The kitchen is fully equipped: (oven, refrigerator, microwave cooker, coffee machine, etc.) A hallway with a stone arch leads to the bedroom which still has its own, original wooden ceiling. There are two double beds in the room. The bathroom opening from there has a bathing tub and a toilet.

4. apartment (first floor): The stairs leading to the first floor reach a balcony. From here our guest, while sipping a cup of coffee, can have a perfect view of Lake Balaton. Looking out of the windows you can admire the Tihany Abbey and the Inner Lake. In this studio- apartment four beds, a fully equipped kitchen: (oven, refrigerator, microwave cooker, coffee machine, etc.) a dining room and a bathroom (with a bathing tub and a toilet) provide a perfect relaxation to you.

5. apartment (groundfloor): Entering the apartment you can see a lintel which has amazing size and sturdyness. It once was an entrance to a building with economical importance, nowadays it provides entry to the kitchen of the apartment. Inside, a characteristic fireplace greets us. The windows of the kitchen used to be the hatchways of the fodder silo. They don't give much light but in exchange the original flat-rocked bridgings can be excellently observed. Of course the kitchen is modern aswell (fully equipped, oven, refrigerator, microwave cooker, coffee machine etc.). Two double beds provide place to rest for four people. The fireplace provides warmth and a homely feeling to the guests on cold winter nights. A bathroom with a shower and toilet is also part of the apartment.

6. apartment (first floor): The entrance in the side of the house connects to a staircase which takes us to the top floor apartment. From the windows of the living room one can see Siófok. The room consists of a little kitchen area (electric oven refrigerator, microwave cooker, coffee machine, etc.) and a double bed. From the living room you can reach the bedroom witch also has a double bed. A little but practical bathroom with a bathing tub and a toilet are also part of the apartment.

Facilities: Hiking, BBQ Facilities, Cycling
Parking facilities:
• The hotel's own parking lot is available for the guests free of charge.
• Pets are allowed, charges apply.