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Budapest Pub Crawl

Budapest pub tours, discos, night clubs, bar crawl in Budapest

Show picture A night out with us makes a fun and easy time, no stress in finding your own party as we take to them. A Budapest time that will always be remembered. We lead you to a minimum of 4 locals. only establishments where you'll enjoy not being a tourist and hanging out and being treated like a local.

Besides the good times you'll be having the tour focuses on the importance of alcohol and the types Hungarians like to drink, usually in large quantities. We'll also teach you the most important drinking lesson and why Hungarians don't clink their beers! We provide a short or drink in eachof the place we visit (minimum 4) so you can experience what we drink and learn about what they are made from.

After all that learning and drinking you'll be doing, you get to mingle with locals, share stories and make new ones, meet other travelers and make new friends. The guide is also and endless fountain of information at your undivided attention during course of the evening to be pumped for all that insider information.

The tour is designed to move around to the "in" and "fashionable" local places so never expect a dull time with us but a moving party. This tour makes an excellent intro to the nightlife of Budapest on your first night or visit to the city and makes for a great base for you to go on your own afterwards. All drinks are provided in establishments and not on the street.


April to Oct 8:30 PM every Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat
Nov to March 8:30 PM every Fri and Sat only
Tour Black out dates Aug 20, Dec 25, 26, 31, Jan 1


3.5 hours


Adult: 4500 HUF
Student (18-24 years old with student ID card): 4000 HUF

Pick-up option

For 1000 HUF per person the guests can get a private taxi transfer to the meeting point.

Meeting Point

Tour starts at Deak Square in front of the church steps.

Conclusion Point

Tour ends in the downtown near to the meeting point, the guide will always help with directions home or to your next destination or even call you a taxi.


A private guide for the evening taking you to a minimum of 4 places. With welcome shot / drink in each one (4 drinks included). Also included on most nights is free entry to a club.


Entry fees to sights and museums, food and beverages except where noted, No public transport tickets.

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