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Dentists in Budapest

Dental surgery, implants, hygiene, dentist in Budapest, Hungary

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As a result of the increasing costs of private dental clinics in recent years, especially in the field of dental implants, crowns, bridges and cosmetic dentistry, more and more patients decide to have their dental treatment abroad by taking advantage of the international price differences.

Based on the last few years. statistics over 75,000 foreigners per year choose Hungary in order to make significant . up to 70-80% - savings on the costs of their restorative and cosmetic dental treatment.

Dental clinics in Hungary are equipped with market leading technologies and thanks to the high standards of Hungarian medical training, the professional knowledge of Hungarian dentists and dental technicians is respected globally.


Budapest is among Europe's most visited capitals and is easily accessible from almost any point of the world thanks to direct international and budget flights. The city is packed with historical monuments and other sights to see, furthermore it offers unique, high standard entertainment and programs for everyone. Budapest's natural endowments are unique and fascinating, it has even world famous thermal spas, such as the Széchenyi spa, the Gellért spa, the Rudas spa, or the Lukács spa.

Consequently, Budapest is a perfect place to combine a dental treatment with an amazing holiday or a truly memorable city break.

Our partner company offers a 3 in 1 solution to make you smile:
• 3 of the best dental clinics in Budapest providing high quality and affordable dental care
• 2 friendly hosts who help you as much or as little as you like in organizing your trip
• 1 amazing city in the heart of Europe full of adventures

In addition, they are committed to providing you with individual attention and superb service from the minute you submit your enquiry until you return home with your new smile.

Our partner clinics are located in Budapest (3rd district, 5th district and 11th district). All of them employ state-of-the-art technologies and the most modern materials, equipment to guarantee our patients a level of quality that is in accordance with western standards as well.

The following is a list of the most common treatments of our dental clinics; but it does not cover the entire spectrum of their services:
• Dental implantology / dental implants
• Oral surgery, sinus lift, bone augmentation/bone grafting, root end resection
• Prosthetic dentistry - crown & bridgework, full & partial dentures, veneers
• Aesthetic fillings, inlays, onlays (tooth colored, transparent)
• Tooth extraction, wisdom tooth removal
• Root canal treatment
• Gum treatment
• Professional dental cleaning (with ultrasound machine)
• Teeth whitening with various methods
• NEW!!! Computer assisted smile analysis and SMILE DESIGN!!!

The table below provides a comparison of typical dental treatment costs between Western & Northern Europe and us:

Dental treatmentsWestern &
Northern Europe
Our pricesSavings
Dental Implant (AB) 1 800 €390 €1 410 €78%
Dental Implant (Branemark) 2 300 €765 €1 535 €67%
Tooth removal95 €40 €55 €58%
Crown (metal ceramic) 690 €210 €480 €70%
Crown (Procera - zirconium full ceramic) 1 100 €420 €680 €62%
Porcelain veneer650 €260 €390 €60%
Teeth whitening680 €290 €390 €57%

Our dentists have experience in all aspects of their field starting from everyday treatments to the most complex dental surgery procedures, so you can be assured that they will find a solution for your dental problem.

So what are you waiting for? Save money, save time!

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Fax: +36 1 900 9079

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